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3 Classy Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Bag

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3 Classy Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Bag

A bag is every woman’s secret space to keep her belongings, emergency items, and even snacks. However, you can easily maximize the potential of your bag by merely adding a few staple everyday items that we often tend to forget about.

Bags have a long history of being a token denoting modern thought and a space filled with conveniences. However, we often tend to put too many things in our bags, eventually robbing them of their sturdy looks and rigid charm. If your bag is always stuffed with old bills, lipsticks you never use, or stray coins, it is time to change for the better by replacing useless items with things that alleviate your personality and sophistication. Here are the three key things every woman’s bag should have:

1. Sunscreen

The UV rays are severely damaging to the skin, and without sunscreen, you will be directly putting yourself in the way of harmful rays. It is highly recommended to use one with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher to guarantee adequate coverage and protection from harmful sun rays.

To protect your eyes, consider investing in premium brands like Oakley sunglasses, which are known for their performance-oriented aesthetic designs. Always keep a pair of sunglasses handy to ensure your eyes are protected whenever you are out in bright sunlight. Make sure you reapply your sunscreen every two hours and keep your sunglasses on whenever exposed to the sunlight.

2. Mini Perfumes

Smelling good is a sign that you are maintaining yourself with care and love. Keeping a mini perfume ensures you can freshen up whenever needed without worrying about body odors. Additionally, perfumes allow people to express their unique charm using fragrances.

Consider investing in at least three perfumes dedicated to be used at workplaces, when around family and friends, and on occasions when you want to feel your best.

Avoid using deodorants as they contain aerosols, a chemical compound harmful to the environment. Meanwhile, perfumes have a higher (and better) concentration of aromatic compounds, making them more potent and longer lasting.

3. Hair Accessories

Unkept hair can be a problem if you are in an office setting or outdoors. It will make people dismiss your presence and not regard you for your abilities or skills. It also shows a lack of concern or professionalism. Keeping hair accessories like scrunchies, headbands, and hair pins handy ensures you are able to tame your unruly hair and look presentable.

Avoid picking hair accessories made of plastic as they end up looking outdated and sustain scratches from regular use. Instead, opt for hair accessories made with natural fabrics. They look effortlessly stylish and add a touch of warmth to any attire.

Empowering your bag to tackle tricky situations

Whether you are on a date night or on your way to work, having carefully picked items ensures the bag can rescue you from unexpected situations. When shopping for items for your bag, don’t hesitate to check out a collection of Ray Ban shades, the latest perfumes, or skin care products that can easily fit without overcrowding. You want these items to be easily accessible at all times. Additionally, make sure that your products are always covered or kept in their cases for added safety and peace of mind.