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5 Reasons to Move to a Natural Deodorant This Year

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5 Reasons to Move to a Natural Deodorant This Year

Paying more attention to what you put in and on your body is a great move – we applaud you for it. The truth is that more people are taking your approach. We don’t like shoveling food into our mouths if we don’t know where it came from or what’s inside. The same way that we don’t like using products when we aren’t sure of their effects. The latest product under the microscope is deodorants.

The Problem with Aluminium Deodorants

Just think of the amount of deodorant used each day. We’re not just talking about those people who spray deodorant like there’s no tomorrow at the gym. We mean, who wants to stroll around with body odour? Sadly, most deodorants out there have aluminum as a major ingredient. As you can probably tell, this article is about to drop some bad news. Brace yourself.

We should say that deodorant companies don’t just throw this ingredient in for the fun of it (this wouldn’t be a great practice!). Aluminium is utilized in deodorants due to its antiperspirant properties, effectively preventing perspiration from reaching the skin’s surface. While this may appear advantageous, studies have indicated that aluminium can be absorbed through the skin and accumulate within the body. We’re not just talking about small health problems – Alzheimer’s and breast cancer have been in the conversations.

Natural Alternatives

You’ll be glad to hear that your options aren’t just aluminium or body odour (hooray!). There are loads of natural ingredients that companies can use. This includes baking soda, essential oils and plant-based materials to keep you smelling fresh. These alternatives have been shown to be just as effective at controlling odour without the potential health risks associated with aluminium. You get all the goodness of typical deodorants without increasing your risk to harmful health problems. Try a high-quality deodorant paste today.

The problem for many people is that they don’t give natural deodorant enough of a chance. Everyone’s chemistry is different. But the key is to keep trying until you find one that works well for you. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt isn’t successful, there are plenty of options out there. Don’t believe what you hear about natural deodorants because your body will quickly overcome the transition period and you’ll do great (woo!).

We want to finish with five benefits of natural deodorants and you can see these as reasons to make the switch:

  • You cut the risk of serious health problems.
  • Your skin will appreciate the gently gently approach.
  • The natural ingredients mean that you aren’t damaging the environment.
  • Natural products aren’t tested on animals so have none of this behind them.
  • You’ll get compliments on how great you smell.