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Home » Exploring The Sweet And Spicy World Of Mexican Candy: A Beginner’s Guide

Exploring The Sweet And Spicy World Of Mexican Candy: A Beginner’s Guide

Exploring The Sweet And Spicy World Of Mexican Candy

Having the perfect treat for your everyday moments really can add something special. Especially when you’re sharing with a group of friends. To do something different, why not consider bringing some Mexican candy to your sweet sorbet?

Mixes of spicy chillies and sugar, fruits from south of the equator, and the most delectable nut and dairy candies worldwide. Mexico really has some interesting candies. They’ll easily brighten up a dull room and start some awesome conversations. Let’s take a look at why.

Mexican Candy Has a Lot of Chili Spices and Pastes in the Flavoring

Did someone say “CHAMOY!!!!” To make this incredibly sweet and tasty paste, you’ll need the brine of boiled salted fruit and a bunch of chili powder or dried chillies, plus a little lime juice and salt. THis is blended all together into a nice consistency and used in many dishes.

For Mexican candy, there is a base candy and the chamoy paste is added. Sometimes these are added to gummy candies or hard candy like lollipops. You’ll also see candies that have a sugar chili powder added instead. Most of the time the candies are tropical fruit flavored, but there’s also skittles and gusher snacks that have taken the spicy dip.

Tropical Fruits like Mango are Also Popular with Candy from Mexico

Many Mexican candies are flavored with tropical fruits like mangos and papayas. There’s also a huge use of the fruit tamarind, which surprisingly is used to make Worcestershire sauce at home. Tart and sweet, it’s used in a lot of Asian and Mexican cuisine dishes.

There’s also a lot of whole dried fruit candies from Mexico as well. Instead of just using the flavor of fruits, an entire piece of fruit will be used to create a sweet treat. A lot of times these will come covered in a chamoy paste or some chili sugar. They’re a great alternative from the candy options.

You Can Also Find Some Mexican Sweets that are Dairy or Nut Based

Although there’s a ton of fruit based Mexican candies, there are also some dairy and nut ones as well. Mazan is a popular candy style dish made from ground up peanuts and powdered sugar. Once the mixture starts forming into a crumbly dough, you’re ready to start forming your candies.

You can also find candies that are crafted after the famous dulce leche cake. At home there are a ton of dairy Mexican candy dishes like Mostachones. These are made with heavy cream, evaporated milk, sugar, and cinnamon. After cooking the mixture to let everything dissolve, you use spoons to roll it into balls. It’s also customary to top them with pecans.

Spice Up Your Candy Options

Mexican candy is definitely a conversation starter. Most people love the spicy sweet combo, so these candies are definitely a win. Chamoy paste and chili powders added to delectable sweet treats. Or go the route with peanuts, sugar, and creams. Either choice is a fun addition to any event or a snack at home.