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Home » Plainfield Personal Injury Lawyers vs. General Practice Attorneys: What’s the Difference?

Plainfield Personal Injury Lawyers vs. General Practice Attorneys: What’s the Difference?

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Personal Injury Lawyers vs. General Practice Attorneys

Among the crucial steps you should take after an accident is to seek advice from a lawyer who will help you deal with the consequences. However, depending on the nature of your case, you might wonder if you should hire a personal injury lawyer or a general practice attorney. Both lawyers deal with accidents and personal injury cases, but their expertise differs.

This article highlights the contrast between Plainfield personal injury attorneys and general practice attorneys so that you can make a rational decision, have your rights protected, and get the compensation you deserve.

Who Are Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury attorneys specialize in personal injury law and focus on personal injuries, such as those caused by accidents, neglect, or deliberate acts. Their in-depth knowledge and experience help them deal with all types of personal injuries.

The main advantage of hiring Plainfield personal injury lawyers is their familiarity with the personal injury law. They understand the distinctive challenges that personal injury victims go through. These lawyers have the knowledge and tactics needed to fight for the maximum payouts for their clients.

Additionally, these lawyers have adequate resources and support to handle all the issues concerning your case. If you find Plainfield personal injury lawyers, they can complete all investigations, interact with insurance companies, and possibly represent you in court.

Another characteristic of personal injury attorneys is that they mostly take on their cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that lawyers only get compensation after you have won your case; this eliminates the financial burden for the clients and guarantees the best legal services without the need for advance payment.

Another distinctive characteristic of Plainfield personal injury lawyers is their excellent communication skills and individualized service. They will be at your side, providing updates on the legal process, addressing your issues promptly, and leading you through the entire process.

Who Are General Practice Attorneys

General practice attorneys practice in several areas of law. They tend not to specialize in personal injury cases. Although they may have a general knowledge of personal injury, they do not possess the professionalism and experience that personal injury lawyers have.

General practice attorneys may not have enough expertise to handle complex personal injury cases such as motorcycle accidents. On the other hand, as far as resources are concerned, personal injury law lawyers usually have more support staff than general practice attorneys, which limits their ability to carry out thorough investigations, collect evidence, and protect clients.

Moreover, general practice lawyers’ fee structures are different. They may ask for an upfront fee or charge by the hour, which disadvantages accident victims with medical bills and other expenses. General practice lawyers have numerous cases that limit their ability to communicate efficiently and provide personalized legal services.


When considering whether to work with a Plainfield personal injury lawyer or a general practice attorney on your case, consider specialization, expertise, resources, fee structure, and communication. By choosing a personal injury attorney who has successfully handled cases in the past, you can safeguard your rights and be rightly compensated for your injuries and losses.