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Home » The Ultimate Guide to 6×6 HD Lace Closures: Features, Benefits, and Installation Tips

The Ultimate Guide to 6×6 HD Lace Closures: Features, Benefits, and Installation Tips

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The Ultimate Guide to 6x6 HD Lace Closures

The problem with bad wigs is that you can tell when someone is wearing one.

It sucks to feel insecure knowing people can tell your wearing a rug and not your own natural hair.

This is why it is important to buy a quality wig that people cannot tell is your own hair. Or at least most people cannot tell.

What wig is the most difficult to detect when installed properly?

The HD lace closure wigs are among the most realistic wigs ever created. The HD Lace is sheer and comes in multiple skin tones. The lace can blend and almost become part of your scalp. When combined with real human hair, you have the perfect wig!

While you can find HD lace closure wigs in many sizes, the one size that works for almost everyone is the 6×6. These amazing wigs cover the front of your head and go back six inches. This six-inch lace blends with your natural scalp.

Private Label uses the most undetectable 6×6HDlaceclosure for wig construction.

With HD Lace Closure wigs, you have a real human hand tied into a fine HD Lace cap that comes in multiple colors so it can match your natural scalp coloring. Each hair is hand-tied with an intricate knot to connect it to the HD Lace.

The six-inch by six-inch HD Lac Closure wig is the most versatile size available. While you can try smaller sizes, they will not have the range of styling options that the six-by-six will offer you. The larger size also gives a better

Why choose a 6×6 HD Lace Closure Wig?

Quality matters in life and in wigs. With a real human hair HD Lac Closure wig, you get the quality you need to have your wig pass as your natural hair. The HD lace blends with your scalp, forming a natural-looking hairline.

When you combine this with real human hair, you create real human hair on what appears to be your own scalp. This is why they are so hard to detect when installed correctly.

HD Lace Closures are more versatile than almost any other wig. They can be:

  1. It can be colored and dyed just like your own hair.
  2. Styled in almost any of the latest trends.
  3. Options in the part. Where most wigs offer a limited number of ways to part the hair, with an HD lace closure wig, you have many ways to part it.
  4. Despite its thinness, the HD Lace is durable. It is created to hold real human hair in place and to last.

Why are so many people buying up HD Lace Closure wigs in a 6×6 size?

When you purchase an HD Lace Closure, you receive a lace wig that feels delicate and fragile. The see-through thinness of the lace is why it passes so easily as your own scalp. Despite its appearance, it is quite durable.

People love how easy the 6×6 HD Lace Closure wigs are to install and how thoroughly they blend in with their scalp. The skin tone matched the HD Lace, making it chameleon-like.

With so many wigs, the fit is tight, or the wig cap is rough. The amazing soft HD Lace is gentler on your scalp than other wigs, reducing the chances of irritation.

With an HD lace closure wig, you actually have a hairline. This can be blended with your own hairline to form a seamless and stylish look. At the same time, an HD Lace closure wig will protect your own natural hairline from damage.

6×6 HD Lace Closure wigs last a long time!

Even with daily wear, you expect an HD Lace Closure wig to last a year or more! When well cared for, these wigs have been known to last up to two-plus years. The average is 12 to 18 months.

Protect your own natural hair with an HD Lace Closure wig!

Many people who are searching for a wig suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. Other wig types and styles can damage the remaining hair and even contribute to additional damage to the remaining hair. Even if you do not suffer from thinning hair, protecting your own hair while wearing your wig is important.

Professional tips to get the most authentic look from your 6×6 HD Lace Closure wig.

Match your skin tone to the HD Lace Closure wig!

When shopping for your new 6”x6” HD Lace Closure wig, go in with the understanding that you need one to match your skin’s actual tone and color. Not on your lower body but on your forehead.

If you cannot find an exact match to your skin coloring and tone, you get the one that is closest. Then, buy a fabric dye that is your actual skin color and tone. Use a Q-tip to dye the lace anywhere it will be visible. Areas like the hairline are where it is usually needed.

Gibe, the HD Lace has a bit of a trim.

You only need about a one and quarter inch lace strip. Be sure and use scissors made for fabric that are very sharp.

Install your HD Lace Closure 6×6 wig after your own hair is tucked away.

To ensure seamless integration with your own hair, be sure that your hair is safely tucked away. Use braids to allow the wig a flat space to rest. If your hair is too short for braids or corn rows, use clips or bobby pins and fasten your hair flat.

Get a white eyeliner and sharpen it.

Use the eyeliner pencil and draw a line across the parted areas. You want to use just enough pressure so that you can see the line but not too dark. Keep the line near the scalp. Wait until the HD lace closure is comfortably in place.

Get a bottle of concealer that is the same color as your scalp.

This tip will conceal the part and any areas where the scalp area is visible. Use a small makeup brush or even a toothbrush and dip into the concealer. Apply a thin layer onto the white lines you drew.

Then, clean the brush with a clean paper towel. Grab your makeup powder, and using the brush again, apply a thin layer onto the concealer. Wait for the concealer to dry before completing this step.

To mush shine can make the HD lace closure more obvious.

Sometimes, the HD Lace arrives with a shine. You can fix this with some baby powder. A comb with wide-spaced teeth designed for styling hair will work well for this step. Combine this with a vent brush so you will not damage the wig.

Use slow and smooth motions and apply the baby powder to the lace closure. While you are doing this, you can remove any tangles that are present.

Want to see 6X6 HD Lace Wigs up close?

No matter how much we read or look at images on screen, it is not the same as seeing the fantastic 6×6 HD Lace closure wig in person. I enjoy visiting local Atlanta hair store so I can see how the wig looks in natural and artificial light.

I like Private Label Wigs’ laid-back and professional atmosphere. They have a great online store, but the local locations make them special.