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Turkish Delights: Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2024

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Turkish Delights: Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2024

If you’re smart about investing in Turkish properties, you can make a decent buck. In 2024, it is an excellent chance to buy apartments or villas by the sea. Foreign investors purchasing real estate above a specific value may also be eligible for permanent residency in Turkey. Highlighted here are several cost-effective, contemporary housing options in Antalya and Bodrum.

2024 Turkish real estate overview: high growth in Istanbul and beyond

Recent data from the Turkish Real Estate Institute indicates a rapid expansion in the market, with 93,902 properties sold in February 2024, marking a 17.3% increase compared to the previous year. However, foreign investment has dipped to just 2% of the total.

Istanbul’s real estate market remains the most sought-after, surpassing the well-known resort city of Antalya. In 2023, Istanbul saw a record 16,344 property sales, accounting for 17.4% of Turkey’s total sales in the real estate sector. It’s also the preferred location for foreign housing investments.

In February 2024, foreign investors acquired 1,846 properties in the country. The leading cities attracting the most foreign investment, in terms of property sales, were Istanbul with 691 sales, followed by Antalya (659), and Mersin (151).

Antalya’s properties and their international appeal

The Antalya region, alongside Istanbul, is highly popular among foreign investors in Turkey’s real estate market. Known as the country’s tourism hub, Antalya boasts pristine Blue Flag beaches, the inviting Mediterranean Sea, and stunning mountains, which turns it into a prized location. The area’s well-established infrastructure caters to various budgets with a range of apartments and hotels. Their services, tailored for international visitors, enhance its appeal. Foreigners frequently purchase property here for rental income, permanent residence, or holiday retreats.

Antalya’s comprehensive infrastructure, including airports, roads, hospitals, and shopping centers, is a guarantee of your comfortable lifestyle, and it draws both tourists and investors. Diverse property offerings, from seaside apartments to mountain villas, meet the varying demands and tastes of buyers.

Residential complex with exceptional benefits in Antalya

The innovative residential complex in Antalya, designed as a self-contained mini-city, encompasses 19,000 apartments with a variety of sizes and floor plans, ranging from 1+1 to 4+1 configurations. It spans a total constructed area of 1,300,000 sqm, with infrastructure designed to accommodate up to 70,000 residents.

Construction is planned in five phases, with the initial phase already completed.

With its unique features designed to enhance your living experience, this project is truly special. It includes an internal transportation system that ensures easy mobility within the complex. Residents will enjoy the convenience of a home office right in their residence, perfect for a modern work-life balance. The presence of various stores within the complex adds to the convenience, making daily necessities easily accessible.

For leisure and relaxation, there are beautifully designed walking alleys and a sophisticated landscape design, with serene spaces for residents to unwind. The project is also family-friendly. It comes with children’s playgrounds and sports fields for active recreation. To cater to fitness and wellness fans, there are both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, which allow residents to enjoy swimming all year round.

The primary benefits of purchasing apartments in this residential complex include significant financial incentives. Buyers are exempt from paying Value Added Tax (VAT), which means considerable savings. There are no costs associated with registering property rights (TAPU), and it further reduces the expenses typically involved in property acquisition. The apartments qualify buyers for Turkish citizenship, provided they meet the necessary property value requirements. This makes the complex an attractive option for those looking to invest in Turkey’s real estate market.

Bodrum’s eco-village: sustainable living amidst olive groves

The residential project in Bodrum is envisioned as an eco-village amid olive groves. It will feature an on-site workshop for olive pressing and olive oil production. The development’s amenities will also include a poultry house for ducks and peacocks. On offer are villas complete with enclosed spaces and gardens, private swimming pools, and dedicated parking areas.

The eco-village offers a range of layouts from 2+1 to 4+1, with total living spaces varying between 104 sqm and 160 sqm. The infrastructure is designed to cater to a community-oriented lifestyle, featuring two communal swimming pools for relaxation and socializing. A restaurant and an aquapark add to the recreational options available in the village. Active lifestyle enthusiasts will make use of the sports ground, while barbecue areas provide the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings. For families, there’s a children’s playground and park, providing ample space for play and exploration. Fitness needs are met with an on-site gym, and walking areas offer peaceful routes for strolls. If you are about to host an entertainment event, an auditorium is available for this purpose, which makes the community’s social life more colorful.

Beyoğlu at its best: modern residences near Golden Horn Park

Our third project is all about city life in the lively heart of Beyoğlu. Just a short walk away, you can enjoy the beautiful views at Golden Horn Park by the Khalich River. The complex is close to Imrahor Street and right on the edge of the district, so it’s easy to get around. You can quickly get to different parts of the city thanks to the nearby metro lines. Plus, there are city parks and big shopping centers close by.

The infrastructure of the project is thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of needs. Itincludes a kindergarten for the little ones, a fully-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts, and a basketball court for sports lovers. It also features a mosque for spiritual gatherings, covered parking for vehicle safety, pedestrian paths for safe and leisurely strolls, and a children’s playground for young residents to enjoy. The entire residential complex is constructed under the latest earthquake resistance standards, which is a guarantee all inhabitants will enjoy a safe and secure environment here.

Discover your perfect home in Turkey with International Wealth

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